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Why Family Should See the Emoji Movie

Ever since its release last July, Sony Pictures Animation’s “The Emoji Movie” has gained mixed reviews. There have been critics who slammed the film, saying that it is “unfunny and a waste of time.” Well, to each his own. We’ve seen the movie, and we think it is a must-watch for kids as it delivers an important lesson that they can learn from—and that’s really what movies are all about!

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Immersing into the Emoji universe

The Emoji Movie centers around the emoji named Gene, who is born to be a “meh” emoji just like his parents. Gene accidentally makes a confusing expression when he is picked by his cellphone user, Alex. This threatens the entire emoji population from being wiped out as Alex plans to have his phone erased. With this, Gene sets out on a journey to get himself fixed before he is considered a “malfunction”.

Learning to express yourself

Throughout Gene’s journey, he meets awesome friends along the way that turns out to also be malfunctioning themselves. What really made his journey a memorable one is an ultimate discovery that he finds out in the end—and that’s the lesson that everybody deserves to express themselves for the way they truly are.

In the movie, Gene struggles to conform with his parents’ upbringing—that is, to stick to being a meh emoji. However, he finds himself unable to express himself fully and in the truest way possible. This brings a valuable lesson for families, and that is to allow children to be who they want to be, even when it may go against the typical views of society, for as long as they are not stepping on anyone.
A great movie for kids

The best gift parents can give their children is the freedom to choose how they express themselves. And what’s the best way to express yourself than through Emojis? Right after watching the movie, reward your kids with cute Emoji plushies that best represent them! Not only will they learn life lessons from the film, they will also appreciate the thought of these cute and cuddly presents!

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