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Trailer of the Raya the last Dragon Cartoon Movie

Raya and the Last Dragon


Raya is a daughter of a chieftain and protector of stones that used to stop the evil spirit from leaving the cage. It is also believed that the stone produces power to anyone who will pose it.

One Raya father invites all the chieftain in their land for a peaceful gathering. But unknown to them, one of the chieftain have a different mission and that is to steal the dragon stone. In a fight, the stone fall into the ground and broke. The evil spirit able to escape and turn the people including Rayas father into stone.

To be able to provide protection, some villages created artificial lake as the evil afraid of water. Then Raya believing she can still prevent the evil from attacking unprotected villagers, she try to collect all the broken stones that happen to be posses by the various chieftain. Every stone she gathers will provide power to the last dragon. So the last part as usual is the most difficult test for her.

The climax is the biggest part of the broken stone is protected by the main protagonist. However, with the help or RAYAs friend, they are able to retrieve the stones. What she discover about the stone will excite you.