Snowball Plush Toy the Secret Life of Pet 2 Character


    • Captain Snowball Toy size: 20cm and 30cm plush doll
    • Licensed Snowball plush toy with tag in mint condition
    • Smooth, snuggly plush material and felt accessories
    • Based on the movie The Secret Life of Pets part 2
    • Perfect for playtime with kids ages 3 and above


Don’t be fooled by Snowball’s insanely adorable look. This white Polish bunny is all sorts of crazy! Since he was abandoned by his owner, Snowball Rabbit has vowed to destroy humans and their pets with the animal gang he has formed.

Blue-eyed and bucktoothed, this Snowball Secret Life of Pets plush toy is the best one to get if you are into cute villains!

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20cm, 40cm


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