Jurassic World Raptor Plush Toys


  • Scare Raptor plush toy
  •  Choose among 2 sizes: 30cm, 40cm
  • Completely unique Jurassic World plush merchandise
  •  Boasts a smooth, polyester fabric with printed design
  •  Inspired by the character, Blue, from Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom
  •  These cuddly dinosaur toys make great kids’ playmates!
  • Best suited for ages 3 and older


Blue sure is a raptor-like no other! Her intelligent yet empathic nature makes her our favorite raptor among all Jurassic Park films. Don’t miss out on getting your very own Raptor Blue dinosaur plush toy here.

This cuddly soft Jurassic World toy makes a great snuggle buddy and displays item for your little ones at home.

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20cm, 30cm, 40cm


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