Ian Lightfoot Plush Toy Onward Disney


  • Disney Movie Onward: Ian Lightfoot Plush Stuffed perfect for baby up to 4 years old
  • Disney stuffed toy quality of softness and kids safety standard
  • Original designed from the Pixar movie titled: Onward
  • Perfect toys for gift in your kids birthday
  • Other stuffed toy chararcters:  Ian, Barley, sprite Dewdrop, Manticore and a Unicorn.

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Iam Lightfoot is the main character in the movie who live in the magical word or fantasy. On his 16th birthday, his brother Laurel gives him a special magical gift with only one Gem that can help make the visitation spell real.

He able to produce the right spell for his Dad to visit or come back temporarily but an accident happens that only half of the body was completed resulting in chaos and the beginning of the adventure. Ian together with his friend, embark an adventure to find another magical gem. They will go to places where danger and challenges are waiting.

Get your Ian Lightfoot plush toy before the COVID end.

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