Abby Cadabby Plush Sesame Street Toys


  • 11inches or 28cm Abby Cadabby plush Sesame Street toys
  •  Officially licensed huggable plush toys with separate tags
  • Featuring an elegant plush material with polyester stuffing
  • Inspired by the fun-filled characters of the classic kids’ series, Sesame Street
  •  Recommended for kids from age 3 and above
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Have you ever wished you could just go back in time to relive your fondest childhood TV shows? Well, there’s no need for that! All you have to do is to get these charming soft and cuddly Sesame Street plush toys!

Based on the characters of the classic puppets show from the ‘70s, our newest Sesame Street stuffed toy collection will truly bring delight to children and ‘70s kids alike. Give them to your friends for the holidays or give them to your kids on their birthday. Either way, these irresistibly soft plushies will do just fine!

Choose your favorite Sesame Street character with free shipping today.


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