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Best Retirement Gift for Women

Woman in the stage of retirement must be in the age of 55 to 65. The characteristic of these women are

  • financial stable
  • career satisfied
  • open-minded
  • matured thinking

This is the reason that ordinary gift for retiring women is not advisable. They get a lot of gift from their entire career so you can expect them to not be excited. Nevertheless, here are the amazing gift idea for retiring female

ET PLUSH tOYSCute and huggable ET plush toy.
Yes, the stuffed toy are usuallly given to the kids but ET is a classic toy that help the adult remember the movies they watch during their younger year.

  • Sesame street stuffed toy

Yes, and it should be a complete set of sesame street toy. This is because of the number of kids in the house who recently watch the movie.