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5 Reasons Why You Need to Watch Boss Baby

What would it be like to have a baby brother that thinks like a grown-up? In the recently released DreamWorks Animation film, The Boss Baby, viewers will get a glimpse of that! We were hyped when the trailers came out and we saw Boss Baby meaning serious business, but what got us more curious is what his agenda really is.

More importantly, why is there even a “boss baby”? We’ve seen the movie, and we don’t know what’s taking you longer to do so!

1. The Boss Baby weaves a captivating plot.

The Boss Baby movie takes you to a baby factory versus puppy factory dilemma, and if that’s not interesting enough, we don’t know what is! This movie also goes beyond the initial sibling rivalry of Tim Templeton and his new Boss Baby brother. Once you see the movie, you’ll discover what led each of them to their sticky situations!

2. Babies are the cutest things ever.

Captivating Plot

Babies are generally cute in reality, but computer-generated babies are a whole other level! Talk about the huge round eyes, big head, and irresistibly adorable laughter — these babies have the whole package. And we’ll give you a hint — Boss Baby is definitely not the only baby character in the film! You won’t regret getting some The Boss Baby plush toys and merchandise once you see how cute they are in the movie!

3. Boss babies are even cuter!

Boss babies may not act like normal babies in the movie, although they can pretend to, but they are just as adorable! Where else can you find babies who wear a suit and tie, carry a briefcase, and work in an office? That’s surely an odd yet definitely a cute sight to see, which is why you’ll surely fancy a Boss Baby soft toy after seeing the film!

4. Boss Baby has equally charming sidekicks.

One thing we love about this movie is that there are a lot of interesting, cute characters to love! In the film, Boss Baby has a badass team composed of, none other than, babies as well! Like usual company employees, Boss Baby also holds team meetings — and you could only imagine how adorable that would look. While you’re at it, get a hold of our DreamWorks Boss Baby toys just to give yourself a hint.

5. It depicts the beauty of sibling love.

Underneath the comical banters and the roller-coaster adventure that Tim and Boss Baby go through is the undeniable fact that they complement, or might we say, love each other. Overall, this movie will make siblings realize how valuable and precious love between family is — which goes even beyond the bounds of blood!

The Boss Baby will take you to lots of “aww”, “ah!”, and “arrr!” moments — in no chronological order. Watch the movie with your siblings and with a cuddly Boss Baby soft toy in tow to make the experience more fitting!